Franchise Agreements

Smart Law Solicitors have the specialised expertise to advise you whether you are a Franchisee or a Franchisor

As a franchisee, this may be your first independent venture into business. You will naturally want to make sure you are taking the right steps. Smart Law Solicitors can help you understand the implications of becoming a franchisee and advise you on that all-important Franchise Agreement.

If you are in an argument with your existing Franchisor then we can take your case on and fight your corner. Alternatively, ask us to take care of the sale of your Franchise and make sure you get the best deal.

Or are you just not sure what you have got yourself into? Let us take a look at your contract.

Three Smart questions to ask yourself if you are thinking of buying a franchise:

  • Is buying the franchise going to be a good business decision?
  • Will the franchise work in your area?
  • What are your plans to generate income to make it worthwhile?

Contact us on 01223 451057 to find out more

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