Budding Artists

Smart Law Solicitors' experience in media law and specialist contract law means that we can negotiate the best deal for you

As an Artist taking your first steps into the music world, a record deal can look promising at the start but in the cold light of day it may not be as lucrative as you first thought.

Let us take a look at your contract and negotiate it on your behalf under our Budding Artist Fixed Fee Scheme. This means that you get a firm quote to get you on the road to stardom and one which is not going to eat into your royalties for the next 5 years.

You'll be guided through all the traps in a recording deal and those hidden things that get you to sign your career away. We will also advise on your arrangement with your manager and make sure that your interests are being looked after.

Top 5 questions you frequently ask:

  • How much will I get?
  • Will I get an advance?
  • What do you mean they own my image?
  • I wrote the song can I keep it?
  • I borrowed that sample, it's OK isn't it?

Contact us on 01223 451057 to have your queries answered.

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