Tenancy Agreements and Licenses

Smart Law solicitors can offer you straightforward advice on your tenancy or licence, ensuring that your rights and interests are protected

Smart Law solicitors can advise you on a tenancy agreement you are about to sign or on your existing tenancy agreement.

You may be concerned that your landlord is not fulfilling their obligations, or that your tenant is acting contrary to the tenancy agreement. Or you may feel that you are facing discrimination from your landlord. We can also advise you on changing your tenancy agreement.

A tenancy agreement can exist even if there is only an oral agreement between the tenant and landlord. There are also implied terms and conditions in every tenancy – such as the landlord's obligation to carry out repairs. It is worth speaking to a professional if you feel that your rights are not being fully respected.

If you have a licence to occupy a property we can also advise on the rights and obligations of landlord and licensee.

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